About Us

Macaan Foods is a company offering a unique selection of foods ranging from dried spices and herbs, beans and pulses, specialty oils, fresh exotic fruits, dried fruits, seeds and nuts as well as our award winning organic coffee. Macaan foods comprise an integral part of an International Company which has trading arrangements throughout Europe, Africa, Middle East and the Far East.

With a wealth of experience within the agricultural and farming industry, Macaan Foods selects only the best in natural, rain fed and sun kissed ingredients for markets all over the world. Macaan Foods extends a warm welcome for you to join us in our quest to reconnect with the intricate tastes and flavours of the various seasons, and bring these fresh and uncompromised flavours directly to tables around the world.

Macaan Foods is strategically headquartered in Manchester in the heart of the United Kingdom, and encompasses a large warehouse and packaging facility ensuring that strict codes of hygiene are adhered to. We also have manufacturing and distribution plants in bases in the U.A.E, Africa and Eastern Europe offering a full range of packing options; enhanced logistics and warehousing facilities.

At Macaan Foods, world class and industry standard fresh quality foods are our passion, so join us to truly experience the true tastes of mother earth.

Our Products

  • Dried Spices & Herbs –
  • Beans & Pulses –
  • Specialty Oils – Hubeera
  • Organic Coffee –
  • Exotic Fruits –
  • Dried Fruits
  • Seeds & Nutsteam2